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Tel: (506) 2267-6222 /                2267-6223

Fax: (506) 2267-6373


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The Hotel Tirol offers you several activities for the mind, body and spirit. That is why we are considered a place of natural wellness.


By request, we could offer you Yoga activities, meditation, cosmetic treatments. Pamper your body and soul while exploring what Costa Rica offers to the tourist.

Ask for our packages of 5 and 7 nights with special discounts. We offer healthy respite from daily cares with natural, foods, yoga, meditation, tours, workshops and ůmore.

If you plan to attend to our Hotel, your schedule will be very flexible.


You will have the option to use our services at your own peace, meet other guests, join optional activities, go on excursions or just relax.


Twice a month, we will publish a different article, hand-picked or written by our expert in Mind and Body Wellness, in order to share with the world what we believe everybody should know.




Tel: (506) 2267-6222 / 2267-6223
Fax: (506) 2267-6373


San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica

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