The place where Hotel Chalet Tirol is located, was a dairy farm of a former president of the republic, Mr. Alfredo González Flores (1914 - 1917). Don Alfredo was born in Heredia on July 15, 1877. This property originally belonged to his father-in-law who owned a considerable and extensive property. This gentleman inherited part of his property from his daughter Delia Morales Gutiérrez, who was Don Alfredo's wife.

Don Alfredo, then started his dairy and subdivided the property into pasture blocks, which in those days was a new technique that consisted in rotating the cattle from one pasture to another. He planted hundreds of cypress trees at the boundaries of the property, so that they served as "windbreaks." For all his name is synonymous with gentleman and enterprising man.

After the death of Don Alfredo, 63 years have passed and in July 1980 the Hotel Chalet Tirol was built. This is a fantastic mountain hotel located in San Rafael de Heredia, 21 kilometers from the Juan Santamaría International Airport and 16 kilometers from the city of San José, the capital. With an alpine architecture that simulates a small village in the French Pyrenees Alps, it receives you with a central square and cobblestone with a decorative fountain surrounded by buildings that resemble a chapel, cypresses and houses of a village.

The property is surrounded by centuries-old cypress trees and beautiful gardens. It is located at an altitude of 1,850 meters above sea level and in a cloudy forest typical of its height. Adjacent are three national parks: the Braulio Carrillo, the Barva Volcano and the Poás Volcano. We have 35 rooms between chalets and suites. All designed to provide our guests with a state of peace, tranquility and comfort in the midst of an incomparable beauty of flora and fauna.

Additionally, the hotel has a renowned restaurant for its long history of extraordinary international, French and fusion cuisine. We also offer 5 rooms for social and corporate events, these are Don Alfredo, Doña Delia, Café Concert, the Museum and the Gazebo. All have a view of their beautiful gardens.

Hotel Chalet el Tirol Hotel Chalet el Tirol Hotel Chalet el Tirol